Not just your ZAPPAnale.Club host, but Zappa Freaks as well.

Hank Woods

Hank calls Reno, Nevada home and has been to Zappanale many times and is also Manager for Ike Willis. Hank was thinking of this venture many years ago. Now in 2020 with the blessing of the Zappanale/ARF Society the adventure begins.

Coen Siersma

Coen hails from Leiden NL and is not only a ZAPPAnale.Club Host but has also played at Zappanale in the band ZAPPATiKA, along with Special Guest Ike Willis. He is a valuable addition to the team and will strive to make your adventure a one of a kind Zappanale experience. 

Join Us at Zappanale

As your ZAPPAnale.Club Host we understand you want to experience the wonder of Zappanale.
Our Zappanale tour is designed to provide you an exclusive adventure. Let us help you experience the Zappanale. We have been there, we are fans like yourself and promise you a most excellent time.
We have done the planning and work required to get there, now join us as we share Zappanale with you.