Club Perks - Whats included on tour


Hotels are included for your tour.
3 nights in Amsterdam city center.
5 nights in Bad Doberan city center.
Enjoy Zappa dreams!


Luxury passenger van from Amsterdam to Bad Doberan then back to Amsterdam.
Daily transportation while in Bad Doberan. Travel to/from Amsterdam arrival point
IS NOT included.  


Rooms in Bad Doberan include breakfast.
Lunch will be served at festival grounds daily.  A good-bye dinner in Amsterdam with the ZAPPAnale.Club crew.  

Back Stage Pass

Your BACK STAGE PASS will allow for full access at the festival grounds and other activities. Hang out back stage with the musicians that play the music, and meet the Zappa alumni. 


Zappanale, the mother of all Zappa festivals. In a little German town nicknamed ZAPPA TOWN.
It really doesn’t get better, the entire town is involved and offers their service to you. Zappanale is the place to experience if you are a Zappa fan.  

And More Goodies

    You will receive a ZAPPAnale.Club welcome package which includes a Limited Edition ZAPPAnale.Club T-Shirt, refreshments on travel days, and other goodies that we haven’t come up with yet. Plus, the ZAPPAnale.Club crew as your personal guides for your Zappanale tour!