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Exclusive Full Tour

Flying into Europe or arriving by other transportation our Zappanale Tour kicks-off in Amsterdam. Your journey to Bad Doberan and the Zappanale Tour will include 8 nights lodging, luxury transportation and more.  

Exclusive Partial Tour

For those wishing to join the Zappanale Tour directly in Bad Doberan, you will be greeted by our ZAPPAnale.Club hosts upon your arrival. Your adventure will include 5 nights in Bad Doberan luxury transportation and more.  

Regular Membership

As a regular ZAPPAnale.Club member you will be informed on all things Zappanale. Upcoming festival information, Zappa related news and anything else we can help keep you posted on when it comes to Zappa.   

$3,999.00 USD

Single Club Member


Family/Buddy Member

$3,499.00 USD Each

$3,499.00 USD

 Single Club Member

Family/Buddy Member

Not Available

Regular Membership Fee

  Regular ZAPPAnale.Club membership is always FREE

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