Arf Society Zappanale

Who are the ARF SOCIETY

Wolfhard Kutz, was persecuted by the East German secret police, the Stasi, for being a Zappa fan. When all Stasi files were declassified by the German government in 1992 Kutz learned that his file stated that he "knows how to influence the youth with Zappa".  When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Kutz could openly enjoy his passion for Zappa's music, and he founded the fan club "Arf-society".

Who are the ARF Crew

The ARF Crew and members are the folks whom collectively make Zappanale what it is today. After 29 years of putting on Zappanale, they know how to put on an event like no other. Every Arf member and every crew member is an important fixture, and they all have 1 important thing in common. They all love the Music of Frank Zappa.

30 years of Zappanale

2019 will be the 30th year of Zappanale. This Frank Zappa influenced music festival is unlike any other. That’s because there is no other. In fact it is the world’s oldest continuing music festival dedicated to the late musician / guitarist Frank Zappa. Check the Zappanale website by clicking here.