Welcome to the 2020 edition of the www.ZAPPAnale.Club tour.

Dweezil Zappa plays Zappanale

ZAPPAnale.Club offers a special Zappanale experience. 

Our tour is limited to only 6 Zappa fans thus insuring that as a member of ZAPPAnale.Club your Zappanale tour experience is everything that you expect. Enjoy a week of Zappa music, 

Zappa fans and this years very special guest musician, 

Dweezil Zappa and band.

Zappanale - Music is the Best

Come enjoy Zappanale and experience the music! Enjoy the Zappanale with us. Join the club and go on tour to Bad Doberan. With our special Club Host Ike Willis, you are assured a great Zappanale experience.

Zappanale Tour Itinerary


July 13, 2020 - Arrive Amsterdam - Leiden

Your ZAPPAnale.Club adventure begins in Amsterdam - Leiden.
Your ZAPPAnale.Club host will pick you up at Schiphol Airport or 

other nearby transportation hub. You will enjoy a restful night in 

your hotel located just a short walking distance from the Leiden city center.

July 14, 2020 - Explore the City

You will spend the next day  exploring
the city along with your ZAPPAnale.Club host.
Afterwards one more relaxing evening stay at
your hotel in which we depart for Zappanale the next morning.

July 15, 2020 - Travel to ZAPPA TOWN

The day begins as the ZAPPAnale.Club luxury
van picks you up for a day of travel to “ZAPPA Town” Bad Doberan.
Later that day you will check into your hotel in Bad Doberan,
with plenty of time to do some exploring,  have a few drinks,
eat some food and  enjoy your evening in ZAPPA TOWN. 

July 16, 2020 - Welcome to Bad Doberan

Start off with breakfast at your hotel.
The ZAPPAnale.Club crew will then take you to the Zappanale festival site.
Here you will check-in and receive your ALL ACCESS BACKSTAGE Pass.
You can then explore the festival grounds and later in the day,
the “Welcome Party” begins in the Bad Doberan town park.
The “Welcome Party” includes live music, drinks, food, and much more.  

July 17-18-19, 2020 - Zappanale in Swing

The Zappanale festival is in full swing at the festival grounds.
Here you will be treated with an experience you will not forget.
Enjoy the Zappa bands from around the world.
Meet new Zappa fiends. Meet former Zappa alumni. 

Plus a whole lot more.

July 20, 2020 - Depart ZAPPA TOWN

After a hearty breakfast, some coffee and many goodbyes to new 

found Zappa fans/friends the luxury ZAPPAnale.Club van will depart 

back to Amsterdam. That evening will be spent with a “Goodbye” dinner
and your ZAPPAnale.Club friends. Retire to your hotel in the city center
and think back on the Zappanale experience before heading home the next day.
Sweet Zappa dreams!

What it is.


ZAPPAnale.Club Exclusive Zappanale 2020 Tour

Zappanale is an annual music festival held outside Bad Doberan, a German town previously part of East Germany. The festival was first held in 1990, and the program features various bands performing the music of the late composer and guitarist Frank Zappa.  Many musicians who have previously played with Zappa have also performed at the festival over the years.

Many of the festival's organizers originate from East Germany, and grew up in a period where Zappa's music was considered unacceptable by several Eastern European communist countries. One of the festival's founders, Wolfhard Kutz, was persecuted by the East German secret police, the Stasi, for being a Zappa fan. When all Stasi files were declassified by the German government in 1992, Kutz learned that his file stated that he "knows how to influence the youth with Zappa".  

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Kutz could openly enjoy his passion for Zappa's music, and he founded the fan club "Arf-society". The Zappanale premiered the year after, as what was just an extended party with only one band playing some Zappa songs. Since then, the festival has grown, and thousands attend the festival each year.
The Arf Society became an officially registered organization in 1993.

Now for the 2020 Zappanale, an exciting Zappanale adventure awaits you. Welcome to the Club.
ZAPPAnale.Club is an exclusive club that provides a fun, unique and adventurous journey to the world famous Zappanale festival.
If you have had dreams of attending, yet not sure how to make those dreams happen let ZAPPAnale.Club guide you,
having an experience you will never forget.  


ZAPPAnale.Club Back Stage Experiance

Your ZAPPAnale.Club Host will show you the in's an out's of Zappanale. Enjoy your BACK STAGE PASS and meet the bands that play the music of Zappa.


Bad Doberan - ZAPPA TOWN

A small tiny town tucked away near the Baltic Sea, that is Bad Doberan. Also know as "ZAPPA TOWN". Enjoy  the excitement and music in this sleepy little town celebrating the music of Frank Zappa


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A club even Frank would join.

ZAPPAnale.CLub presents a personal experience dedicated to providing ZAPPAnale.Club members a freaky good time at the world’s oldest Frank Zappa music festival.

"Music is Best" - F.Z.